Dyeing & Dyeing Finishing Section:

Libas Textiles Ltd. as state-of-the-art machinery for fabric dyeing and finishing. For its intensive experience and expertise, it’s dyeing process results in a clone-like uniformity in fabric dyeing.

Sample: Our sample unit is Independent and we are using the same facility what we are using in our dyeing production unit, the difference is just the production capacity. Our sample section’s machine capacity is between 10-100kg & we have 5 sample dyeing machine.

Production: The Company’s ultramodern process house comprises the latest equipment’s and machinery in the world. Latest soft flow dyeing machines from FONGS (Germany) & Acme (Taiwan). Machines can dye polyester under high temperature and pressure conditions. Producing dyed fabric without any pilling due to low liquid pressure and double nozzle system, In the dyeing Finishing Section we have both Open and tubeter fabric finishing line. To have perfect finishing on fabric we are using world class machine with most modern technology.

Total Dyeing Capacity: 28 Tons/day.

particular lot for a particular order. When the gray fabric roll comes from the knitting section or other source it is required to prepare the batch of fabric for dyeing according to order sheet, dyeing shade, m/c capacity, m/c availability etc. we have 02 nos of Air Turning Machine of Italy.


At A Glance Dyeing Section :
S/N Mc Name Qty Capacity in Kg Brand Origin Local Agent
1 Dyeing mc-25kg 2 pcs 50 Acme Taiwan Samara
2 Dyeing mc -150 kg 1 pcs 150 Acme Taiwan Samara
3 Dyeing mc -300 kg 1 pcs 300 Acme Taiwan Samara
4 Dyeing mc -600 kg 1 pcs 600 Acme Taiwan Samara
5 Dyeing mc -900 kg 2 pcs 1800 Acme Taiwan Samara
6 Dyeing mc -1200 kg 1 pcs 1200 Acme Taiwan Samara
7 Dyeing mc -250 kg 1 pcs 250 Fongs China Pacific
8 Dyeing mc -750 kg 1 pcs 750 Fongs China Pacific
9 Dyeing mc -1000 kg 2 pcs 2000 Fongs China Pacific
10 Dyeing mc -1500 kg 2 pcs 3000 Fongs China Pacific
11 Dyeing mc -1200 kg 1 pcs 1200 Brazzoli Italy Texmac
12 Dyeing mc -150 kg 1 pcs 150 Brazzoli Italy Texmac
13 Dyeing mc -100 kg 1 pcs 100 Brazzoli Italy Texmac
Total MC Capacity = 11450
Section : Finishing        
S/N Mc Name Qty Capacity Brand Origin Local Agent
1 Stenter 9 Chamber 1 pc 12000 kg Sunsuper Korea Suntrading
2 Stenter 10 Chamber 1 pc 14000 kg Sunsuper Korea Suntrading
3 Open Dryer 1 pc 12000 kg Canlar Taiwan Texbiz International
4 Tube compactor 1 pc 7000 kg Fabcon USA Texbiz
5 Open compactor 1 pc 8000 kg Muzi Italy Texeem Engineering
6 Open compactor 1 pc 10000 kg Lafer Italy S.E Limited
7 Slitting 1 pc 10000 kg IK Taiwan Hantex
8 Slitting 1 pc 10000 kg Uni Apex Taiwan Samara
9 Squeezer 1 pc 8000 kg Corino Italy Texmac
10 Tumble Dryer 3 pcs 4500 kg TBN China Samara
11 Back Sewing 1 pc 5000 kg Uniapex Taiwan Samara
12 Over Turner 1 pc 10000 kg Dongnam Korea Samara