Libas Textiles Ltd. do and will continue to operate the factory in FULL COMPLIANCE with all the applicable rules and regulations of native land as well as international standard. For improving the working conditions and setting a better working place.

LIBAS TEXTILES LTD. is maintaining the following compliance issues:

  • Prohibition of Forced & Child Labor.
  • No Discrimination.
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).
  • Disciplinary Practices / Harassment.
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • Welfare facilities.
  • Compensation & Benefits.
  • Working Hours.
  • Grievance procedure.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Custom Compliance.
  • Security Compliance.



Fire Protection

  • Adequate Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Alarms & Emergency lights
  • Fire Bucket filled with sand and water
  • Sprinkler
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Hydrant & separate reservoir
  • Regular Fire Drill
  • Free Passage way
  • Trained Fire Fighters & First Aiders



  • Salary & OT paid within 5-7th of the following month
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Minimum salary more than legal requirement
  • Group Term Insurance to all workers & staff
  • Provides all types of leaves: Casual, Sick, Earned, maternity, Festival & Weekly Holiday
  • Free Medicine at company medical center

Social Compliance Goal & Objectives set for 2 years (2017 & 2018)

The Libas Textiles Limited Social Compliance goal & objective is “to harmonies existing efforts and deliver a common, consistent and global approach across sectors for the continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in facility”. Ensure all through the organization no violation of CoC and the clauses of the law of the country. It aims at sustainable system, capacity, infrastructure, environment & society by monitoring, taking action proportionate to risk & evaluating the overall supply chain for ensuring long term profit and business of all stakeholders.

To drive remediation of root causes of social and environmental noncompliances through continuous improvement, training and capacity building.

To achieve the targets sustainability team focuses, encourages and behaves in a proactive manner. The team believes in driving ownership, sustainability driven business performance, support beyond compliance and thus achieving some extra miles.

All the activities are being performed by compliance department is the reflection of high commitment of management to ensure a global ethical standard within the business & trade.

Social Compliance Goal:

  1. We will achieve up to 50 % score on High Index.
  2. Introduction of Sustainability including rainwater harvesting, water consumption control, energy consumption control, energy submitter installation.
  3. Factory will meet 100% Accord requirement.
  4. All time Housekeeping will be maintained as part of sustainable compliance.
  5. Established job structure including salary, position & others facilities
  6. Establish job specification for all departments based on job requirement as per manpower budget.
  7. Implement IMS (Integrity management system) for ISO 14001, 9001 & OSHAS: 18001.
  8. To make a Standard Fear shop for our worker’s.
  9. Standard compliant healthcare center established.

Goals & objectives covering HIGG Index areas – Social


SL No Area Total Score Achieve Score in 2016 Target Score in 2017
1 Recruitment & Hiring 58 70% 79%
2 Compensation 43 60% 93%
3 Hours of Work 54 54% 63%
4 Worker Involvement 53 42% 45%
5 Worker Treatment 101 41% 45%
6 Health & Safety 76 50% 55%
7 Termination 6 33% 53%


SL No Area Total Score Achieve Score in 2016 Target Score in 2017
1 Value Chain 125 22% 37%




SL No Area Total Score Achieve Score in 2016 Target Score in 2017 (%)
1 External Engagement, Community, Transparency& Public Disclosure 39% 24% 61%


Total achieved & Target score:

Total Score Achieve Score in 2016 Target Score in 2017
100% 40 % 55%


Direct Supplier List


  1. Check Point. (Label, Hang Tag)
  2. Sans Packing & Accessories. (Cartoon)
  3. Simtex Industries Ltd. (Sewing Thread)
  4. Esha Trade Link. (Elastic, Twill Tape)
  5. YKK Bangladesh Ltd. (Snap Button)
  6. Advanc Group. (Poly)
  7. Fardin Accessories. (Poly)
  8. (Hanger)
  9. R-Pac Bangladesh Packing Co. Ltd.( Label, Hang Tag.)
  10. M & U Packing Ltd. (Carton )


  1. Nahar Spinning Mills Limited.
  2. Maral Overseas Limited
  3. Vardhman Polytex Limited
  4. Rswm Limited
  5. Winsome Textile Industries Ltd
  6. Precot Meridian
  7. Aa Coarse Spun Limited
  8. Shohagpur Textile Mills Ltd
  9. Saiham Textile Mills Ltd
  10. Ha – Meem Spinning Mills Ltd                         


Dyes & Chemical:

  1. Tass Corporation (Chemical)
  2. Taha Chemicals. (Chemicals & Dyes )
  3. (Chemical)
  4. Regent Chemicals. (Chemical)
  5. Jamuna Chemicals. (Chemical)
  6. Samuda Chemicals Complex Ltd. (Chemical)
  7. Evershine Enterprise. (Brightener & Dyes)
  8. Matex Bangladesh Ltd. (Chemical)
  9. Chemitech Services. (Dyes)

Stationery Item:

  1. M/S Dhaka Traders. (Stationery Item)

Indirect Supplier list:

  1. Imperial Alied Chemicals Ltd.( Dyes)
  2. Legend Dychem Co.( Dyes)
  3. Hi-Tech Color-Chem Ltd.( Dyes)
  4. S.C Corporation. (Chemical)
  5. (Chemical)

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