Knitting Section:


The knitting section is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery. TERROT of Germany, LKM of Taiwan, FUKAHAMA of Taiwan. The machines are equipped with special attachments to produce Lycra fabrics.

A well-integrated system of stringed quality measures checks all fabrics meticulously to eliminate contamination and other faults.

We always believe that yarn is to core material for knitwear therefore we use best quality yarn from world renowned spinning mills. Our knitting section is well furnished with mos modern equipment.


Knitting Machine Total 26 pcs. 

Our knitting capacity is 12 ton/day.


It produces numerous varieties of fabrics including:

  • Single Jersey
  • Double Jersey
  • Interlock, Auto Striper & Fidder Stripe
  • Pique
  • Lycra Jersey
  • Fleece
  • French Terry
  • Waffle
  • Jacquard etc. (All kind of Knit Item).


Profile of Knitting Machine:

S/N Mc Name Qty Capacity Brand Origin
1 Circular Knitting 5 pcs Lkm Taiwan
2 Circular Knitting 4 pcs Terrot Germany
3 Flat Knitting 6 pcs Kauo Heng Korea
4 Circular Knitting 17 pcs Fukuhama Taiwan

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